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Senova has a long history of providing a Support and Services platform that is unmatched…in any industry!!

  • How often do you call Support and get a live voice….and they know your name???
  • When can you request a modification to your software and get it the next day???
  • How often does your software supplier call you to ask what you want in the next upgrade???

Unfortunately, all too often, these questions are not being answered in the Customer’s favor. At Senova, our Customers demand it….and we deliver. Because our Customers design each and every Series 3 upgrade and we recognize that the Customer has ownership in Senova, we believe it’s critical to provide them with the highest level of expert service possible.

Senova goes the distance to understand the intricacies of your microlending or microfinance business. As a result, we do not simply provide software solutions but complete integrated solutions.

Our consulting and training services will help your organization develop effective solutions aimed towards acheiving your organizational goals.

Let our highly-trained professionals provide the expertise required to build and maintain your management information systems.


With over 10 years experience in developing software solutions for the microfinance and banking industry, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry. We can provide you with the technology that will aid you in your business processes. Our consultants are knowledgeable and will provide you with the most effective solution to meet your business needs. We realize that each business is unique. Our consultants with work with you to give you the solution you need to achieve your goals.

When considering investing in an IT or MIS solution, you need to involve experts from all related areas. They will help you consider the many variables that make up the project to ensure effective implementation.

To learn more about how we can provide custom microfinance software solutions for your organization contact us today via email or telephone.




We realize that it does not matter how much time we invest in creating software if nobody in your organization uses it. We realize the importance of having training courses for all users and to incorporate the entire microfinance organization into adopting the software. We also ensure that our instructors are constantly upgrading their skills through regular employee training sessions.

Training Options


We have the following training options available for you to choose from:


Choose from group or one-on-one sessions at your location. We perform a needs analysis to ensure that your team will learn at a comfortable pace. From our past experiences, we have found that organizations benefit the most from on-site training immediately after the microfinance software has been initially installed.


Online training is economical. This is an excellent way to address any additional or follow-up training requirements. Online training is available in one hour increments for your convenience. To learn more about the technology used to support our online training see Online Training Tools.

Group Sessions:

Available throughout Sri Lanka, these sessions are also a great networking opportunity for peer organizations. Online group learning is also available throughout the year.

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