Any Account – Avoid accounting horror stories! Switch to Any Account

At the core of every successful company, whether that company is a Blue chip company or even a small business, is good financial accounting. Without it, savvy investors will not even consider the potential of your business. Combining good accounting with high efficiency is a key part of the Accounting Software, and we have developed “Any Account” in order to fulfill the above.



Senova gives growing businesses a competitive edge.

  • Improve decision making with real-time reporting.
  • Improve productivity with greater visibility and more automated back-office processes.
  • Ensure accountability and compliance with robust, auditable accounting.
  • Eliminate IT costs and hassles associated with maintaining and upgrading traditional software applications.
  • Customizable according to your business needs





Order Preparation
Receipt Issuing
Payment Issuing
Credit Note
Debit Note
Petty Cash

  •    Voucher
  •    Iou
  •    Reimbursement
  •    Ledger batch posting

Set Offs

Invoice to receipts
Invoice to bill
Invoice to credit notes
Invoice to paid return cheque
Bill to payments
Bill to debit notes
Bill to received return cheques
Receipt to payments
Receipt to received return cheques
Receipt to debit notes
Payments to paid return cheque
Payment to credit notes
Received return cheques to paid return cheques
Credit note to debit note


ANY_ACCOUNT is the overall solution for any kind of Business Organization with special features to fulfil their vast number of requirements. This product is enriched with more than ten years inspirations though different types of businesses which can be categorized into Printing, Rural Banking, Cheque Handling, Retail/Whole Sale Buying and Selling, Production/Distribution and Stores Management and even Social Services like Education. We have identified every single need to enhance information sources which upgrade Business Strategies so that a Derivative of this product will (straight away or with simple alteration) satisfy the thirst for useful information and business automation. All the interfaces are user friendly, however all the data captured is stored logically so that every question is answerable.


In the arena of financial information we have introduced a Double Entry Codifying Method called Transaction Types, capable to handle any accounting policy without deviating from client’s existing policy. This will update your ledger (main and sub-ledger) without the knowledge of the data entry operation the occasion you make the transactions (On line, Real time Double entry posting) such as invoicing, billing , receipt issuing , paying etc. System identifies the accountant(s) to the system and he/they will only be allowed to introduced Transaction Types to the system and alter information in the ledger. In addition to online real-time ledger updating it can be introduced batch updating through a single invoking. Customers, suppliers, items, services and banks can be attached as sub-ledger to main ledger accounts so that Sub-Ledger T accounts will be automatically created.


The system is originally real, online and there are no day end   processes. If no restrictions are imposed by the supervisor to the system and if it is necessary to do alteration to your past data, it will be allowed to do so and the systems automatically update all your reports according to the modification. Though this system, it keeps this real online feature with the system. According to the clients’ requirement it can be introduced unpreventable data alternation restrictions. The system is not in need of either financial years or data disposals and a new database establishment for the next financial year. A financial year is just a conceptual scheme to the system and it pretends users as they are the in the current financial year. This feature facilitates you to collect data/information for even past years in the same report. Within seconds you can see profit and loss statements of 10 years back and one of your customers age analysis as at any time or you can ask the system to prepare bank reconciliation as at any date in any financial year. When the back end is SQL Sever and good programming techniques with better database designing will not make it difficult to response in milliseconds when keeping large numbers of records in the same database.


Password protection to the system is the key element which prevents unnecessary access to data. The system supports the supervisor to keep theories in the subject Internal Control. The basic features in password protection.