Senova Solutions – Custom software is our passion

  • Hardware Systems.
  • Supermarket  Systems.
  • Stock Control Systems.
  • Payroll Systems.
  • Hospital and Clinic Management Systems.
  • Point of Sale System.
  • Production Systems.
  • Billing Systems.
  • School Management Systems.
  • General Administration Systems.
  • HR Management Systems.
  • Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Factory Management Systems.

Mobile sales solutions

  • Still manually entering orders to the system?
  • Order entry errors costing you money and customers?
  • Sales people spending too much time with paper based order taking systems?

Senova has developed a range of automated sales products that will assist your business become efficient through eliminating paper based order entry systems and arming your sales force with portable sales systems.

Our suite of sales products have been designed with the direct to retail industry in mind and have a proven track record in increasing order entry levels and assisting the sales process during customer visits and exhibitions.