Banker Introduction






           Banker offers a reliable banking system, which enables the banks to reach out a market, a banking solution which is easy to implement yet capable to scale up support rapid growth of client base and expand the range of products and services offered.

Banker” is a Multi-Currency, Multi-Users, Multi-lingual, Multi-Database software for Microfinance, Co-operatives, GRAMEEN, Federations and Village Banking.



Banker is a fully integrated software developed based on member concept which provides Client Information, Savings, Shares, Loans and General Ledger Accounting modules and Perfect management information system software developed for the Microfinance Industry.


Key Features

  1. Multilingual software package.
  2. User Friendly.
  3. Passbook and Fixed Deposits Certificate Printing.
  4. Automated Accounting (all Final Accounts are Automated).
  5. Access control of the system – user levels.
  6. High Security (Tracking all User Activities).
  7. Connecting through LAN and WAN (VPN and APN Also).
  8. Auto Database Backup process.


Extended Features

  1. Unlimited number of Loans Types can be added.
  2. Unlimited number of Deposits can be added.
  3. Inbuilt Leasing module.
  4. Inbuilt Pawning module.
  5. Inbuilt Insurance Collection module.
  6. Inbuilt module for Electricity , Water Bill Collection.
  7. Customer SMS Facility.
  8. Online Field Device Collection Facility.




Loan Portfolio Management

  • Unlimited number of loan products with direct linkage to General Ledger.
  • Loan Application, Loan Approval, Loan Disbursement, Collateral, Loan Guarantors, Write-Off, Reschedule, Provisions, Interest Capitalization, Penalty Calculation, Loan Commission, Loan Insurance, Loan Application Fee etc.
  • Repayment frequencies: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Half-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-yearly, Yearly and User-definable.
  • Interest Calculation: Flat Rate, Declining Balance Amortization and Compound Interest.


Savings/Shares/Fixed Deposit Management

  • Configurable unlimited number of products such as Compulsory Savings, Loan Guarantee Savings etc. with direct linkage to General Ledger.
  • Interest calculations: Monthly average running balance or Monthly minimum balance.
  • End of Period: Ledger Fee, Interest Calculation, Minimum Balance, Transaction Fee and other User-definable Charges.



  • The chart of accounts is complete, consistent, flexible, and user-definable—with five major categories for Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income and Expenses.
  • Full support of General Journal and Journal Entries (Income, Expenses and Cash transfer from reserve to Cashier)
  • Customizable transaction menus



  • Integrated scalable ODBC databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle with excellent performance capacity, good for an increased number of concurrent users or higher data volumes.
  • Excellent connectivity on Local Area Network (LAN) and Centralized Wide Area Network (WAN)


Ease of Use

  • Windows based application.
  • Consistent screens, TOOLBAR, easily identifiable menu options, and logical use of color and icons.
  • General platform standards with Keyboard and Mouse access to all functions.


Management Reporting and Data Analysis

  • Over 230 standard reports for Loans, Savings, Management, Operational, Financial, General and customer reporting.
  • All reports can be print/view by Branch, Client Category, Gender, Product, Loan Officer, Loan Cycle, Business Sector, Loan Fund, etc.
  • Reports: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Owernes Equity, Liquidity, Budget, Ledger Card, Arrears, Ageing, Portfolio at risk, Portfolio Concentration, Savings/Shares Balance & Account Activity Statement among others.
  • Exportation capabilities in a variety of file formats including Excel, PDF, DOC, JPG and GIF


Services – Implementation, Training and Support

  • Structured classroom-based training on user groups.
  • Multilanguage training delivered in English and Sinhala
  • 24×7 days technical support by online, phone, fax, FTP, or site.


Technical Capabilities

  • Standard operating system platform
  • Backup and recovery utilities for full and incremental backups are easy to manage.


How much it will cost?

Banker costs range from US$ 1,000 – US$ 15,000 plus, depending on the number of users, database selected and the number of clients you have, you also need a license for every branch/site


Our Microfinance solution supports funding agencies; Are you a Donor who seeks for solution to measure the development?

  • Implement business credit rules effectively
  • Manage cash and electronic transactions at branch level
  • Provide management with real-time information on the state of their business
  • Receive and send data to external parties such as the Donors
  • Manage debt collections
  • Report vital data to regional and branch management